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"Acústicas Urbanas para 6 colunas sobre madeira e 702 relicários. Instalação sonora e escultural de intervenção artística para ativação comunitária."
M/3 . 2017

co-produtore(s) / parceiro(s) / colaboradore(s)


My way of thinking urban art is that it will basically be and should be created for an audience rather heterogeneous and for that matter multiple readings will be perceived. Consequently, the artwork must contain different layers for these wide audiences. Sometimes even different meanings and contradictory ones are intentionally worked on top of each other. That is the beauty within, the deepness of it.
I'm not implying that urban art should be somewhat hermetic nor easily understandable. I'm affirming that is must lead to a dialogue between artist and viewer and between viewers themselves.

Project presented at Elefsina.
This emotional urban mapping is a temporary installation at the old train station of Elefsina in Greece - near Athens.


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